Create an artistic vision for your space

Occasionally we run into clients who know they need art, but aren’t sure what type of art would be best for their space.   To assist people in selecting art and to streamline the process of working with an art consultant, we sometimes use an art selection guide.   The guide is a collection of…

What does your lobby say about your company?

Your lobby is the first place most visitors encounter. Creating the right first impression can set the tone for their experience. Art plays a pivotal role in how people respond when they enter your lobby. Architectural design creates a general feel for the space.  The  design itself has its own aesthetic quality. The artwork should…

Thomas “Yellowstone” Moran

How Art Led To The Creation Of Yellowstone National Park Posted by: Sarah Bierschwale on October 3, 2016 Written by: Candyce H. Stapen “The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone,” Native Americans, trappers, and stalwart pioneers knew about the Yellowstone region’s amazing geysers, hot springs, rivers, bison herds, and bears long before Yellowstone became a national…

Is Evidence-Based Design Dying?

This was a question posed by recently on the EDAC (Evidence-based Design Accreditation and Certification) LinkedIn Group page Source: Is Evidence-Based Design Dying? Copyright Image:  

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