Art’s Healing Power by Tina Baia, Great American Art

By carefully selecting art for healthcare settings, we enhance the physical environment and provide points of connection with meaningful works of art that help people to deal with the challenging circumstances they are faced with.byron_jorjorian_1573676880567

Art in the physical environment “can offer an opportunity to escape from the circumstances of the hospital (via distraction), as well as to cope with it (via immersion);” and moreover artwork can help “create environments that are experiential and immersive, which can go beyond mindless distractions to creating mindful, intentional, healing experiences” (Nanda, 2011, pp. 3-4).

Below are a few highlights of projects we have worked on that help to create environments that support healing.


Behavioral health brings with it many codes and guidelines that need to be observed to keep patients and staff safe, but the need for artwork is still important. This example is routed acrylic wall mounts that lend to wayfinding and incorporate the calming effect of nature.


A sculptural piece for a pediatric physical therapy department, created to cover a long wall and promote movement and energy in a playful manner.sculptural piece

Learning to walk again after an accident or surgery is challenging at best. This example of a 4 season inspired corridor wall mural helps to give the patient a marker of where they started, and how far they’ve come in a visually pleasing and not-distracting manner.

Learning to Walk

If you have a moment to learn more about the relationship between healing and spaces, we recommend taking a look at this TED talk by Esther Sternberg about the science of place and well-being.

What project are you working on that we can add the artwork to?

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