Create an artistic vision for your space


Occasionally we run into clients who know they need art, but aren’t sure what type of art would be best for their space.


To assist people in selecting art and to streamline the process of working with an art consultant, we sometimes use an art selection guide.


The guide is a collection of images from several different art categories (landscapes, abstracts, macro nature , etc.) that the client can look at to clarify what they like and don’t like. Getting this initial feedback on their preferences makes the designer’s job easier and ensures that the client gets an art package they will be happy with.


Click here to view or download a sample of an art selection guide.

You can use the guide to help:

Discover the types of art you like best.

Explore media options (print, canvas, murals, etc.)

Create an artistic vision for your space

Art selection guides can also be tailor-made for individual clients based on their type of industry and other information gathered in an initial consultation.


What new art project can we help you with?  Call or email me today.



Chris Harrison

Harrison Enterprises


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