Art – Pediatric Branding

Bringing your health care brand to life within your walls can always be challenging. And with smaller patients come both greater challenges and importance in bringing your brand to life through your facilities. A pediatric care facility must balance the delivery of state of the art care with the feelings of assurance, warmth and comfort. […]…


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Is Evidence-Based Design Dying?

This was a question posed by recently on the EDAC (Evidence-based Design Accreditation and Certification) LinkedIn Group page Source: Is Evidence-Based Design Dying? Copyright Image:  

Conveying an organization’s values through art

We recently worked on a project for an organization that delivers support services for adults and adolescents with intellectual and developmental disabilities, at risk youth, and people with affordable housing needs. Their mission is to give these individuals the opportunity to live independently and to lead normal and productive lives as citizens integrated into the…

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